Danabijak 2023 Financial Results

We are pleased to announce that Danabijak has shared their 2023 financial results with us. 

Based on the financial statement provided for 2023, the Company’s total revenue in 2023 was 994 thousands EUR (16 billions IDR), indicating 15% decrease compared to 2022.

Danabijak generated operating profit of 13 thousands EUR (218 millions IDR) for 2023 (18 thousands EUR or 275 millions IDR  in 2022). 

In 2023 the balance sheet increased by 38% to 713 thousands EUR (12 billions IDR). There were no changes in share capital during 2023. As of 31.12.2023, the total value of the Company’s share capital was 818 thousands EUR (14 billions IDR) and comprised 1 058 631 shares. The Company’s total equity was amounted of 152 thousands EUR (2.6 billions IDR) in the year-end.

Since 2021, Danabijak has been onboarded to the Income platform, and our investors have already invested over EUR 9.5 million in loans originated by Danabijak, earning EUR 220 thousands.

Investing in loans originated by Danabijak yields up to 12% per annum, making it an attractive option for those looking to grow their investments.