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How setting up auto-invest makes it easier for you to gain passive income?

Written by Income marketplace

Everyone has their preferences when investing in loans. Some like to invest in short-term loans – some are exclusively interested in loans coming from specific countries. Every time you manually invest, you have to find the type of loan you are interested in, you have to specify the amount you want to invest, and you need to be sure that there are enough funds on your account. 

What happens after you get your investments paid back with interest?

You have two options when manually investing: leave the interest to accumulate and withdraw your return, or manually find new loans to invest in, and again go through the process of manually investing. Some people prefer this, but many are too busy to deal with this activity. That’s why we have created an auto-invest feature. 

Auto invest is a simple and easy to use feature that allows investors to create an investment strategy based on a custom set of criteria. For example, you can choose the maximum investment in one loan, interest rate range, remaining term, loan type, country of origination, and even a specific loan originator. Furthermore, you can make sure it reinvests your income and diversifies equally between the loan originators. 

After setting up an auto-invest strategy, the system will automatically filter and invest in loans meeting the requirements, and reinvest your accrued money with ease, thus creating exactly the kind of portfolio you want but without the work of manual investments. 

Now let’s imagine that your favourite loan originator on Income marketplace lists a batch of attractive loans. When manually investing, you would have to sign in periodically, or keep an eye on newsletters or social media to make sure you know about the loan activity. However, when using auto-invest, you would already have invested in them.. 

Auto-invest also works when you are depositing on a monthly basis. That means you can set up an automatic payment from your bank to deposit funds on your Income account once a month, and auto-invest will magically grow your money for you. 

Can you imagine your surprise when you open your Income account for the first time in months, and your funds have grown without you lifting a finger?

Furthermore, auto-invest helps when our platform has run low on loans with your specific criteria. (We do our best to ensure that doesn’t happen, but people’s tastes are different). When setting up your auto-invest strategy, make sure to include loans you have already invested in. 

In our mobile application, you can find a selection of Quick Invest Strategies for days when you are too busy to set up your own. 

Max Diversification

  • Fully diversified across all loans on the marketplace
  • Interest rate 7-12%
  • Max 34% invested in loans from one lending company

Short & High Yield

  • Diversified by Loan Originators who offer only short term loans
  • Interest rate 10-12%
  • Max 50% invested in loans from one lending company

Invest like CEO Kimmo

  • 50/50 allocation to long and short term loans 
  • Loan durations 0-13 months
  • Invest only in current loans

Using auto-invest is simple. As we value your time and effort, investing in loans on our platform, we want to make sure you aren’t wasting a moment.

Start your first auto-invest strategy today!

Income is the safest marketplace for investing in loans

Earn up to 12% annually

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