ITF Group JSC 2023 Financial Results

We are pleased to announce that ITF Group AD has shared their 2023 financial results with us. 

Based on the financial statement provided for the year ended 31 December 2023, the company’s net profit for 2023 was EUR 1.1m (BGN 2.1m), indicating 76% growth from 2022. 

Their net loan portfolio size also shows consistent growth from EUR 8.3m (BGN 16.2m) at the end of 2022 to EUR 11.7m (BGN 22.9m) at the end of 2023.

Since July 2022, ITF Group AD has been onboarded to the Income platform, and our investors have already invested over EUR 16.8m in loans originated by ITF Group AD earning EUR 411.8k.

Investing in loans originated by ITF Group AD  yields up to 15% per annum, making it an attractive option for those looking to grow their investments.

You can find the ITF Group FY2023 financial results here