ClickCash (Credito 24 LTDA) is a Brazilian non-bank financial company (Fintech) that offers consumer loans to its customers via a propretiary “mobile only” process that enables it to tap into alternative credit data and to detect fraud efficiently. ClickCash has raised so far 1,8 MEUR to start its business in Brazil and is at the start of its growth journey.

The company was established in 2019 but has quickly reached profitable origination on a loan level and is looking to scale up its business fast. Read more about ClickCash and the team behind it from their presentation.

Latest news

€ 2.6 M

Loans Originated

€ 1.6M

Loan Portfolio


Junior Share

Security Structure

Due to restrictions on capital movements in Brazil the company placing loans on the Income marketplace is an SPV owned by ClickCash

The loans are secured by a 159% net claim pledge to loan sum that consists of consumer loans issued to Brazilian consumers by ClickCash .

The 159% net claim pledge is equal to about 37% Junior Share, creating a sufficient buffer to protect investors in the case of LO default.

Credito 24 LTDA is audited by BDO (Brazil) Income management has a combined, passive equity investment of ca 12% in Credito24.