HOOVI is an Estonian Loan Originator who combines technology and automation with standardized processes and human expertise to achieve a lending process that is both fast and automated in the background but personalized and human-centric on the front office side.

HOOVI started as Securebadger in 2018. A group of professionals from the finance and real estate sectors as founders. For the first years, the company offered tenant background checks, but in 2020 the original team splintered over differing views on achieving higher revenues. Three founders decided to leverage the technology and experience they had in risk assessment to start offering financial products instead. At the end of 2020, they secured a seed investment of 1.5M € and rebranded to HOOVI as a new SME lender.

Latest news

€ 6.8 M

Loans Originated

€ 2 M

Loan Portfolio

10 - 25%

Junior Share

Security Structure

The loans are secured by assignment agreement to the investor with EU SPV controlling the cashflow. The 10-25% Junior share contributes to a strong cashflow buffer in case of LO default. Hoovi's secured loans are secured by either a mortgage or a car.