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Why choose Income?

Build your wealth

Easy and secured investments in loans with yields up to 15% annually give you a predictable asset class for wealth creation and allow you to protect your funds from inflation.

Secured investments

Income offers investing in assets secured by the loan originators’ listed portfolios. Our unique security features, Buyback Obligation and Cashflow Buffer safeguard your investments in case all risks identified.

Financial inclusion and full transparency

By investing in loans originated globally by our partners, you earn income but also participate in fueling financial inclusion. Our investors have complete transparency over their investments.


“I am here since a few Days… But your detailed Data on the Platform are fantastic! Love especially the transparent Numbers regarding “AI ran last xxx Minutes ago and Loans are available or not”. Please keep us here informed when there are Seedrs-Activities again. Thanks for all you are doing, Marcus”

Marcus – Telegram

“Your mail weekly performance overview is really interesting, great job”

Skyfox – Telegram

“Super helpful team!

I was looking for another platform to invest on and bumped into Income marketplace. Team answers all the questions fast in their Telegram chat. The mobile app is also super simple to use, better than competition. Warm recommendation.”

Martin – Trustpilot

“Thank you for listening to your customers, I love that in a company. 🤗”

Leigh F. – Telegram

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Income brings you secured investment opportunities that earn you up to 15% yearly. Start building your wealth today!
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