Income connects to Sneakypeer through API

Income´s goal is to safely connect retail investors and institutional investors of all sizes to loan assets on the marketplace. We have recently finalised the development “Income API”, which allows for institutional investors to plug in with their own investment dashboard, receive transparent loan data, and to invest in loans on the marketplace.

The first “Income API” integration has now been completed with Sneakypeer. The goal of Sneakypeer is to change the peer-to-peer market, providing investors with all the facts and figures they need to know when investing in this rewarding but so far risky industry. The goal of Sneakypeer, making investing in loans more transparent and safer, is in alignment with the goals of Income marketplace; enabling the Income API connection with them was a natural first choice.

>We believe that this development enables us to further develop our data transparency and API functionality, to service institutional investors that wish to invest in loans more effectively. We are now one step closer to our vision of a highly attractive product offering, where retail and institutional investors can invest side by side and enjoy attractive yields in a transparent and safe environment.

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