Income Insights Episode 4

In the fourth episode of “Income Insights,” hosts Denny Neidhardt from Re:Think P2P and Income founder Kimmo Rytkönen delve into lender updates, including new loan originators and the future direction of the Income Marketplace. The episode starts with Kimmo sharing his training experience in Thailand, highlighting the personal side before moving on to business matters.

Lender Updates:

Significant updates were shared about several loan originators, including DanaRupiah, Vivus Mexico, and the Brazilian lender ClickCash. DanaRupiah faced regulatory changes, affecting its loan structure, but has adapted to maintain its flow of assets. After a period of concern, Vivus Mexico fully repaid its obligations, underscoring the platform’s resilience and commitment to investor interests. ClickCash in Brazil is undergoing difficulties, with Income stepping in to bridge payments, showcasing the platform’s dedication to protecting investors.

Voluntary Buyback Feature:

A key focus of the episode was the voluntary buyback feature employed by Hoovi and ITF. This mechanism allows investors to achieve liquidity within a reasonable timeframe despite the longer nominal loan terms. By offering an early buyback option, Income Marketplace addresses investor concerns about long-term commitments and enhances the appeal of its loan products.

New Products and Strategic Moves:

The discussion also highlighted new product offerings from Hoovi, involving car and mortgage-backed loans, enhancing the diversity of investment opportunities. Introducing these products aims to provide investors with more options and better security. ITF’s growing popularity and promising future developments were also noted, underscoring its role as a cornerstone of the platform’s offerings.

Expanding the Ecosystem:

The episode was particularly notable for discussing the imminent addition of a new lender, Current from Latvia, which represents a strategic move into car rental businesses, diversifying the investment pool beyond traditional loans. This expansion reflects Income’s broader vision to encompass various cash-flow-positive assets, offering investors a wider range of opportunities.


Episode 4 of “Income Insights” highlighted the platform’s adaptive strategies, new partnerships, and a commitment to diversification and investor protection. With the introduction of new loan products and the anticipation of new loan originators, Income Marketplace is set on a path to growth, aiming to reach new milestones in the coming year.

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