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Income marketplace launches the mobile app

Written by Income marketplace

We have officially launched our new mobile app to make investing in loans more convenient. With the app, you can manage your account, invest, and get statistical data about your investments anywhere you are. 

Download it now!

Income Marketplace is making investing in loans safe, transparent, and now more convenient with our new mobile app.

Many of our investors have been telling us that they want to be able to invest easier and faster, and not to be dependent on their computers.  Now, investing in loans on Income marketplace is possible on the go with our brand new mobile app. Get access to your portfolio, invest and track results.

Follow the link to download the mobile app. Then Log in with an existing account or register a new account to start investing.

Features included in the app:

  • manual investing into p2p loans
  • automated investment strategies creation
  • pre-defined strategies for rocket-fast start
  • account overview and statistics
  • loans and Loan Originators overview
  • bank account deposit and withdrawal
  • push notifications

Download now and make your first Income investment using the app.



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