Current Auto

€ 6.4 M

Loans Originated

€ 3.3 M

Loan Portfolio


Junior Share

Security Structure

The loans are backed through an assignment agreement with the investor, wherein a EU SPV oversees the cash flow management. Additionally, the Junior share, representing 26% of the investment, acts as a substantial buffer to enhance cash flow security in the event of loan defaults.

Investors are acquiring claims from rental agreements. These agreements have facilitated the provision of credit to Latvian individuals for car rental purposes.

Disclaimer: The Claim is currently not secured by Income´s pledge on the vehicle. A negative pledge has been agreed with Current Auto, meaning they cannot dispose or encumber the vehicle without Income´s consent. The Claim may be secured in the future with a collateral established in accordance with the Collateral Agreement over the vehicle for the use of which in return for the Current Auto has concluded the Rent Agreement with the Client and which is in the ownership of Current Auto (the Collateral, as set forth in recital B of the Agreement). The Collateral, when established, will not be assigned to the investor.