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ITF Group operates and constantly develops its 360 degrees proprietary platform, featuring end-to-end technological solutions for risk assessment, customer support, loan issuing, cash flow management, and BI reporting.

As a result, the company has achieved a high level of automation – 60+% of all requests have been processed fully automated within a couple of seconds. This provides lower operational costs and higher efficiency by eliminating human mistakes.

Company strategy is conservative and oriented towards stability and annual profits. As a result of the constant portfolio growth, the company is constantly looking to optimise its channels to get capital for its borrowing activities.

Latest news

€ 43.5 M

Loans Originated

€ 7 M

Loan Portfolio

10 - 20 %

Junior Share

Security Structure

The company placing loans on Income Marketplace is ITF Group JSC.

The investment into loan claims is made through an assignment agreement between the investor, ITF Group JSC, and Income’s SPV. Depending on the loan type, the junior share securing the investment is either 10% or 20%.

Differently from our typical cash-flow buffer, the current set-up with ITF Group JSC is done via net cash settlements.