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Income marketplace welcomes its fifth Loan Originator – Danarupiah!

DanaRupiah is a fintech lending platform for consumer loans in Indonesia, that has been licensed by the Indonesian Financial Supervisory Authority (OJK) as a peer-to-peer fintech lending platform since the 19th of May 2020.

Danarupiah was established in 2018 January and by October the same year, they reached 1 million users. Danarupiah has over 6 million borrowing accounts, over USD 508 million of loans originated since 2018, and over 9 million transactions approved as of March 2021.

 It´s mission is to become one of the most trusted financial solutions providers in Indonesia that contributes to improving society’s standard of living by providing various types of loans.

DanaRupiah is part of Weshare Financial Group based in Beijing, which operates in the lending business in 7 countries.

DanaRupiah is offering short-term loans with yields payable up to 12% p.a. to investors on the Income marketplace. Buyback obligation and cashflow buffer cover all the listed loans. Junior Share for DanaRupiah’s loans is 35% offering a higher level of investor protection than any of the other marketplaces listing DanaRupiah and providing the best risk/reward ratio for investing in this LO. Expected maturity for listed loans is up to 30 days, making their loans attractive, high-yielding investments.

DanaRupiah’s main competitive advantage is cost advantage with a customer acquisition cost, the customer overdue trigger, and uncollectible loan level being lower than the industry average.

According to the MSME Ministry, Indonesia had 64 million MSMEs in, 2018 of which 63 million are micro-businesses. Countless individuals and businesses still have no access to credit in Indonesia. Therefore, there is ample room for fintech growth. Moreover, increasing internet and smartphone usage will drive growth in the Indonesian fintech industry. COVID – 19 restrictions, forcing consumers to move to digital channels, the fintech sector experienced growth in 2020. Total volume in alternative financing in 2020 reached € 8 billion in September, more than doubling 2019 levels. The number of borrower accounts also doubled in 2020 and surpassed 29 million. 

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