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The Income Bug Hunt 2.0

Written by Income marketplace

Thank you for your bug hunting skills!

We are making our hunt a bit milder, since we have solved most of the bugs on our platform. (Like a bee gathering pollen, not like a praying mantis doing what they do.) 

Find a bug, report it to us and earn 20€!

Sometimes, things don’t work the way they are supposed to, but we strive for perfection and need your help to reach it. That’s why we want to keep rewarding you, our investors, for helping us find the bugs we might have missed in testing. 


If you notice a bug while using our platform, report it to us, and we will credit 20 Euros to your Income account. Just write an email describing the bug as well as you can. It would be great to add some screenshots and, don’t forget to include the URL from the browser. That helps us to track the bug and replicate it. We will then look at your discovered bug, fix it, and get in touch with you for additional information if required. 

The following requirements for the reward are: 

– you have a verified account on our platform

– the bug has not yet been reported and is not known to us

You can find a list of already reported bugs and winners here. We’ll add to the list only the necessary personal information – so your privacy remains protected. 

We wanted to get our mobile app to you asap and are still doing internal testing. Bugs found in the app currently do not qualify for the bug hunt bonus.

We are looking forward to your help, and let’s work together to create a better and more secure investment marketplace. We wish you luck in the search for bugs!

Register now and start investing and earning great returns! Click here! 

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