Vivus Mexico

Vivus Mexico is a SOFOM licensing lender offering short-term loans and installment loans. The company has been active in Mexico for more than six years, during which they have serviced 800 000 satisfied customers. The company’s management team has solid and proven international experience.

Since Summer 2020, Vivus Mexico has been part of Digital Finance International. DFI is a global leader in digital lending operating in 23 markets with consumer finance products. They offer modern and demanding financial products for millions of underserved and underbanked customers globally.

Latest news

€ 43.9 M

Loans Originated

€ 8 M

Loan Portfolio

Equivalent of 33%

Junior Share

Security Structure

The company placing loans on the Income marketplace is a group entity of Vivus Mexico.

The loans are secured by a net claim pledge to loan sum that consists of consumer loans issued to Mexican consumers by Vivus.

The net claim pledge is equal to about 33% Junior Share, creating a sufficient buffer to protect investors in the case of LO default.