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All loans on Income are covered with "Buyback Obligation," meaning the loan originator is obligated to buy back the loan from you once it has become 60 days overdue. "Buyback Obligation" covers principal and all accrued interest.

Loan Originator Loan TypeMaturitiesInterest PortfolioJunior ShareStatus
Current AutoCar rental60 months10%€ 3.3 M26%Active
Current Auto is a pre-owned vehicle rent-to-buy company, providing customers with flexible and expedited solutions to acquire their desired cars. Specializing in used vehicles, the company offers a unique approach, allowing individuals to rent with the option to buy, creating a swift and adaptable path for customers to attain the cars they aspire to own.​ Read more
BulgariaITF BulgariaITF Group Short term and installment1 - 24 months12-15%€ 7 M10-20%Active
ITF Group operates and constantly develops its 360 degrees proprietary platform, featuring end-to-end technological solutions for risk assessment, customer support, loan issuing, cash flow management, and BI reporting. As a result, the company has achieved a high level of automation - 60+% of all requests have been fully automated within a couple of seconds. This provides lower operational costs and higher efficiency by eliminating human mistakes. Company strategy is conservative and oriented towards stability and annual profits. As a result of the constant portfolio growth, the company is constantly looking to optimize its channels to get capital for its borrowing activities. Read more.
EstoniaHooviHoovi Installment8 - 60 months10-12%€ 2 M20%Active
HOOVI is an Estonian Loan Originator who combines technology and automation with standardized processes and human expertise to achieve a lending process that is both fast and automated in the background but personalized and human-centric on the front office side.
HOOVI started as Securebadger in 2018. A group of professionals from the finance and real estate sectors as founders. Read more
IndonesiaDanabijakDanabijak Short term and installment2 - 4 months 10-12%€ 788 K34-67%Active
Danabijak is a fintech lending company with offices in Singapore and Indonesia. The Danabijak lending platform focuses on big data and technology to advance financial inclusion and connects lenders with Indonesian individual borrowers.

The company was established in 2016 and is licensed by Indonesia´s Financial Supervisory Authority (“Otoritas Jasa Keuangan”) as a Peer-to-Peer Fintech lending platform since June 2018. Read more
IndonesiaDanaRupiahDanaRupiah Short term and installment1 - 3 months15%€ 21.8 M22-35%Active
DanaRupiah is a Fintech (Financial Technology) Company that has officially been permitted and supervised by OJK KEP-18/D.05/2020 since May 19th, 2020. As a legal and credible Fintech company, DanaRupiah provides financial services through an online lending service platform, with a mission to become one of the most trusted financial solutions that contribute to improving society’s standard of living by providing various short-term loan options. Read more
BrazilClickCashClickCash Installment 12%€ 1.6 M28%Suspended
ClickCash (Credito 24 LTDA) s a Brazilian non-bank financial company (Fintech) that offers consumer loans to its customers via a proprietary “mobile only” process that enables it to tap into alternative credit data and to detect fraud efficiently.

The company was established in 2019 and has quickly reached profitable origination on a loan level and is looking to scale up its business fast. Read more
ColombiaJuancho te PrestaJuancho te Presta Short term and installment 12 - 24 months15%€ 4.9M15-30%Inactive
Juancho te Presta is one of Colombia's fastest-growing fintech lending companies.
Juancho te Presta offers personal loans and buy now, pay later solutions to its customers. It aims to increase financial inclusion and access to credit in Colombia through its 100% digital loan application and lending solutions.
Over EUR 7.3 million worth of loans has been originated by Juancho te Presta since 2019. Read more
FinlandFIN YritysrahoitusFinYritysrahotus Installment12 - 24 months8-10%€ 1.2 M22%Inactive
FIN Yritysrahoitus is a Finnish loan originator that specializes in financing small and medium sized companies in Finland. The company´s business idea is to service Finnish entrepreneurs on-line with flexible process and eliminating unnecessary bureaucracy that companies often face when dealing with local banks.

The company was established in February 2014 and has since grown to be an established and known loan originator among Finnish SME´s looking for fast credit with simple process. The company has established processes for collection and significant track record in originating loans to SME´s. Read more

*Loan Originator's security structure is set up in a pledge structure, where a loan book is pledged at an equal % to Junior Share to Income's SPV, which looks after the investors' interests.

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